Before moving, we didn’t have a list to help guide us through. Mostly vague plans set by Brad’s school, my own list and things I have cobbled from the internet.
Each checklist item link to their respective blog post as this goes forward.

Well, here’s a better starting point to customise as needed:

2-3 years before:
checkbox_no Decide where you want to move
checkbox_no Determine your budget to save for it
checkbox_no Determine how this impacts jobs, schooling, friends and family
checkbox_no If moving to a country with a different language, start making arrangements to learn
checkbox_no If moving to a country with majorly different customs, decide how you want to function with those
checkbox_no Get your fucking passport

1 year before:
checkbox_no Career discussion with current job
checkbox_no Finalise the “How” you are getting a Visa
checkbox_no Hit the Financial Goal
checkbox_no Start weaning off long-term cost (i.e. don’t rent for after you expect to leave)
checkbox_no Figure out what to do with your shit

6 months before:
checkbox_no Do the “How” to the Visa
checkbox_no Sell your shit
checkbox_no Stop buying shit
checkbox_no Have a minor mental breakdown
checkbox_no Create a job plan
checkbox_no Setup international bank account (Or one that travels well)

3 months before:
checkbox_no File the Visa paperwork
checkbox_no Create a portfolio of potential rentals

2 months before:
checkbox_no Buy Plane Tickets
checkbox_no Book Accommodations for when you get there
checkbox_no Start applying for jobs

1 month before:
checkbox_no Determine Rental companies to contact
checkbox_no Set up meeting with Bank (Set it for 2-3 weeks for after you arrive)
checkbox_no Cancel all subscriptions you can’t use
checkbox_no Start saying Goodbye

1 week before:
checkbox_no Schedule showings with Rentals for next week
checkbox_no Make sure accommodations are flexible with you staying longer – So you can plan if you’ll need to get another hotel after arriving.

Day of:
checkbox_no RELAX and Enjoy yourself

First Week:
checkbox_no Pick up BRP – You must grab this in the first 10 days.
checkbox_no Tour Rentals and Pick
checkbox_no Call US bank/Take Rental deposit out in Cash/Go to UK Bank and send via sort code and account number
checkbox_no Send address to: US Accounts, Bills, Family, Friends, embittered Enemies to gloat
checkbox_no Put in Request for an internet provider

Week 2:
checkbox_no Set up a UK Bank Account
checkbox_no Set up a cell phone plan
checkbox_no Update address on CV – Start interviewing
checkbox_no Survive off of savings
checkbox_no Buy Furniture