Long time, no post again. Sorry about that – we had some insane things happen over the past few weeks:

  • I found out my job will not be sponsoring me and had to start thinking through Plan B.
  • Brad was on a dig and working full-time, requiring me to take over a lot of the household duties along with work
  • Finished a project which became a larger time commitment towards the end
  • And finally, Brad had to have an emergency surgery on the 15th; which then required me to be able to help him physically get around and other things for about a week and a half.

Whew, so at least I can say it’s been interesting, if not chaotic.

As an update on a few things; I found out about the Sponsorship situation in early September, but I have been working through so many plans for it, including preparing for a few less desirable backups, that I’ve stayed pretty quiet on it. The thing is, like I mentioned before – it took us 6 years to secure a visa the first time – to have to do it now in 4 months is not very ideal. However, I’m determined to sort it out because we have made ourselves determined to have a life here.

So then from there; it’s made us buckle down to try and sort this out. It’s kind of killed our social lives, but it’s the sacrifice we had to do to get through this. We are still fairly certain that I’m the only way we are going to get a visa – Unless anyone knows of an archaeological or engineering firm needing an Archaeologist; and are willing to pay him £20k+; I’m going to have to keep going on this.

Then, Brad went on a volunteer dig for a few weeks. Again, he’s been having difficulty securing full-time archaeology work, so he felt like doing a volunteer dig would be great for his experience. This gave him a taste of British archaeology, especially the differences between American and British field work. This also helped him thicken up his CV, which at this point, is the most important thing.

However, he was still working at the restaurant, so he ended up running himself a bit ragged. Luckily, the emergency surgery guaranteed himself a few weeks of rest to be able to go back to work on Thursday and back to the grind.

The project, which concluded was a bit bittersweet. On one hand, it’s nice to be back in the office of my full-time employment, and on the other hand, the client treated me like part of their team – So it almost feels like I left a job. This experience has driven me to take a serious look into my career and goals, but I’m thrilled I had an opportunity on both spectrums.

Finally, the news everyone was probably waiting for – What the fuck happened to Brad. I won’t go too much into it, but what I will say – He woke up in unbelievable pain on Sunday, causing us to go to A&E. Once there, they pinpointed the injury to 1 of 2 options, which required exploratory surgery to confirm, because if it was injury 1, it could have caused long-term injury and time was of the essence. So they did the surgery, it ended up being option 2 (luckily), which still sucks because it has a longer recovery, but still not too bad.

Lots and lots of naps. And pain pills. But mostly naps.

Because of this, however, he had to take almost two weeks off of work to recover. He’s back up and walking and should be able to resume normal functions by Thursday, but it’s been a slow recovery. This situation made me exceptionally grateful for the NHS, because a situation like this could have easily cost us $10-15k back home. This allowed him a chance to recover without freaking out about an expensive bill.

Well, that’s all we have on our end. Anyone have any questions or anything? Apologise again for things getting a bit quiet on our end. I learned it’s hard to make plans when you are sharing them (from experience), so my goal has been to hold my cards close during this point. I’m sorry to say I don’t have anything more fun and exciting to share. Things are going to be a bit rough until probably January – So I guess everyone can just watch us pull up the ship in the hope to save ourselves?

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