Hi all –

Sorry for my delays in posting lately. We’ve been out travelling, working and I’ve been cooking up quite a few things that I hope to update people on in the next few weeks.

As a small update, we made it back to Dublin for longer than a layover. We went for a Flogging Molly concert – which from the band, to the venue, was simply amazing. I recommend the trip, but a few highlights to keep an eye on:

  • It’s a costly trip. Your flight and hotel may be cheap, but it will cost you a fortune to eat, drink or buy anything. Keep that in mind when looking into the city.
  • It’s full of Americans. You would think, being an American, I could handle this fun fact. Nope. I’ll be honest, there are some good American travellers. But regardless of how well we behave, you can smell your own. We couldn’t have 5 minutes without someone talking like a character from Fargo about how their cousins the O’Briens must be related to the family who owns the franchise. Nope, they probably don’t and please stop talking.
    • This may be it being more a touristy area in general and causing this – but in all of the other major cities we’ve been in, we’ve never seen that many of one tourist group, which is what made it jarring.
  • It’s a bit of a tourist trap. It’s not intending to be. I don’t think most people who live in Dublin want it associated with this, so I have to apologise. But, I have a feeling from the mass quantity of American tourist talking up their 4 generations away Irish heritage, so they can buy a name plate of their last name with an origin story. From what our hotel told us, if we could have left Dublin immediately to travel outside of there and enjoy the rest of the country – we would have had a blast, and I agree with them on that.
One of the main reasons why you go to Dublin…
  • The Heineken Tour was better than the Guinness Tour. That’s right. For the experience, the Heineken Tour was better priced for what you got and a better experience. Guinness had the benefit of being a Guinness; but everything came with an upsell and an uninteresting feeling. The only part of the tour that was unique was the advertising and pour your own – because those are unique. Everything else felt phoned in and ushering you towards spending €3 on a bottle of water.

Sorry for the lack of a real update, but that’s the best I can do right now.

Stay golden Pony Boys, and I’ll catch you up on cooler things in the next week.

The featured image is of Autumn kicking in, in Dublin – with the ivy rapidly changing colour on a strip of terraces. 

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